Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Switchfoot concert

I had the opportunity to see Switchfoot concert at Roberts Wesleyan College this past weekend, and it was pretty cool. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so sorry, but no pics.

The opening band was Mae, who sounded good, but I really didn't know any of their stuff. Most of the (surprisingly large) crowd was also a bit lost with this band on stage, but it was more to do with unfamiliarity then the band not doing well. In fact early in their set they did play a longish instrumental song which sounded really cool, and should really be the background music to some video game. I thought the British band Athlete was also supposed to play, but apparently not, as they were no where to be seen.

Switchfoot came out and played a set that differed surprisingly little from when I last saw them two years ago. Even Awakening was already being played on that tour. They did play a few new songs, and actually started with "Oh! Gravity", and also played "Faust, Midas, and Myself" which is really good live. "Gone" has also changed a bit too. While "Gone" hasn't been played as it appears on record for quite some time now, it has strayed even farther from it's origins and now includes melodies by Beyonce and even a quick detour in Rihanna's Umbrella song. The fact that my favorite band is getting their inspiration from the hip-hop industry is a tad bit disturbing, but after Switchfoot covered Beyonce's "Crazy in Love", I've actually found myself even likening the original.

The best live Switchfoot song is still "This is Your Life". From Tim's opening bass line to Jon screaming through the guitar at the end, that song just rocks, and is awesome to see live. The set was a bit light on the acoustic side of things, but the encore was started with Jon singing "Your Love is Strong", which is a good song, and one I don't actually know yet as I've put off buying the Spring album until I can get it along with Summer. They also played their new Chronicles Of Narnia inspired song "This is Home", for which the movie is coming out in the next week or so.

The concert was alot of fun, even if I was rather far from the stage. Also, someone needs to teach Switchfoot fans how to mosh. I know it's not appropriate for every song, but it would go great with "Ammunition" and even the Sum 41 crowd stood still to sing along with "Pieces".


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