Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Beginning of the End

After almost a year Lost is finally coming back on the air tonight for the start of season four. It's been a long time since Charlie died and we got to see future Jack, but the show is finally back. Unfortunetlly season three was planed to be down eight episodes to only 16 and is now finding itself down eight more as the writers strike has prevented more than eight from being completed. The Second half of season four could very well be pushed back to the fall unless the strike ends by the end of February.

A few predictions for the next season and beyond, some the producers have hinted at, while some of these are my own random thoughts...

  • With the possibility to have flashbacks set in the future, we could see somebody's death in a flashback. I think this is almost guaranteed to happen.

  • Claire is not going to be happy that Charlie died. While this is obvious I have the feeling that this is going to leave her very messed up through the entire season. She won't want to leave the Island anymore, but eventually Desmond will convice her to do so.

  • Nobody is to be trusted. While this has been true in lost all along, I expect alot of people will be lying at a Ben like level.

  • Speaking of Ben, my gut feeling is that once this is all said and done, he will turn out to be on of the good guys (like he has always claimed to be). I may not like the idea, but I think it is going to happen.

  • On the other hand, I'm going to go back to season one thinking and say that Locke is evil. Jack may be wanting to go back to the island, but that doesn't mean that Locke is right either.

  • Remember the casket in the finale of last season? At the time I guessed it was Sawyer's, but now I'm thinking it might even be some character that we haven't even met yet. (Although there is the possibility that we never return to that scene and we never find out).

  • With Charlie finally dead, Desmond will lose his ability to see the future. However, he may develop the ability to see the past instead.

  • Flashbacks will be a mix of future and past depending on the episode, but I doubt that too often we will be left wondering which we are looking at. (I'm guessing the first episode shows the future...)

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