Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John McCain is old

Not to turn this into a political blog, but Presidential candidate John McCain is really old. We get it already. Can't we just acknowledge this and move on? It almost appears as if the only reason not to vote for the guy is his age. That's not quite something that his campaign is going to deny, or try to hide. They also know that he is old.

There is alot of discussion and political humour going on in the run up to the presidential election. This ranges from commentary on CNN and MSNBC to comedians like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jay Leno, yet the only thing that is ever said about McCain is that he is old. Yes it was funny the first time, and yes it may have been sufficient when there were 20 candidates on the Republican side and you could get away with a single joke. However these no longer apply. McCain is the only Republican left, and is one of only three Candidates left, and the joke has gotten old. While he clearly hasn't been presenting the drama that Obama and Hillary have there has to be something else to ridicule the guy about.

All of these McCain jokes are so old that Ben Franklin first used them...


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