Thursday, May 24, 2007


Season 3 of lost ended yesterday, a few thoughts...

  • Charlie dies, don't see why he couldn't have run out the door before closing it... would have worked out better. In a related note can the one eyed guy ever die? He almost turned on Ben this episode which would be welcome...

  • Speaking of which People aren't listening to Ben anymore, too many secrets. They didn't like to see him trusting Locke, and then disobeyed a direct order to kill Sayid and co. Richard, who has been around longer than Ben seems to be trying to silently retake power. I'm now sure that Ben knew nothing of the sawyer tip that was given to Locke. Ben seemed to lose every battle this episode...

  • Back to Sayid, I was really disappointed to see him surrender, I think he could have taken them. That said when Hurley plows on through Sayid still manages to take one out while tied up, by using his legs... The reactions of Bernard and Jin were perfect. Bernard was like "I hope they don't expect me to do that", while Jin was like "Wow, I really need to learn that move..."

  • Juliet is now firmly with the main group. Sawyer was always the biggest opponent of her being there, but now seems to trust her. Carl and Alex also seem pretty happy to be with them. Also glad to see Rousseau end the whole solitary thing.

  • On this family, I have to question if Ben is really Alex's father. Their stories don't match, Ben seems to be Alex's father in only that he stole her at birth.

  • On to the flashback (although it probably wasn't back), Jack is a complete wreck. There is something about the island that really bothers him, some unfinished business of sorts that he can't go back and fix. He flat out rejects any status of being a hero. Kate meanwhile seems to have moved on. I'm guessing that it was Sawyer in the casket, as he was a loner, and Jack expected Kate to be there at least.

  • On first watching I was having trouble placing the time of the flashback, and after wards even more. At one point Jack makes a mention of his father, strongly indicating that his dad is still alive, we don't know where his body is but I am fairly sure that he is at least dead. There is the possibility that what we are watching is Jack and Kates second visit to the island, but for that to be the case they've seemed to know very little about it.

  • Also half way through season 2 I said it would be neat if they got off the island with half a season to go. Now it is looking like that might actually happen, which will be a different, but good story line.

    Anonymous rose said...

    I thought it was just unspoken knowledge that Alex wasn't Ben's daughter. I thought it was pretty obvious.

    Also, I said the same thing about Charlie. Not only could he have shut the door from the outside, he could have tried to swim out the broken porthole. I am very, VERY sad that he is gone.

    The flashes to the future deeply disturb me, it seems Jack goes off his rocker after his experiences on the island. I thought it might be Sawyer in the casket as well, but then Kate said something about "He'll wonder where I am." And I thought the "he" might be James.

    Any way you look at it, there will definitely be disconcerting changes next season.

    May 24, 2007 7:32 PM  

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