Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sabres pick odd time to remove Darcy

After 17 years as GM, Darcy Regier has not been too popular in Buffalo over the last few seasons, and probably should have been released a while ago. That said, the fact that he was fired last night makes no sense at all, and is some rather terrible timing. Regier's weakness as a GM, has been his inability to keep talented players in Buffalo (Drury, Pominville) and his overpaying of ineffective players (Leino). His strength, on the other hand is his ability to draft well (Vanek, Myers, Miller).

Given the team's current position of having almost no veterans left to resign and a whole pile of great draft picks to use, the timing to remove Darcy now is a bit unfortunate. Long term it is the right move, but had it been up to me I would have kept him around for one more summer...


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