Saturday, October 01, 2011

Open letter to Switchfoot

Hey Switchfoot,

Thanks for mailing your new album Vice Verses to me. The songs (as always) are awesome. But I do have one complaint.

That would be the 25 minutes that it took me to actually get the CD out of the packaging. Was the album worth the wait? Definitely. But that doesn't explain why it was harder to get into then a bottle of prescription drugs. Is a tamper proof seal really necessary? Even thought the majority of the text on the actual CD is boiler plate legalese, Vice Verses is not in fact actually a controlled substance.

I understand that this is actually supposed to be in place for theft deterrent, but given that I pre-paid for the album, and you then shipped it directly to my house, I am a little fuzzy on where along the way you expected the disk to get jacked. Never mind that someone could still just swipe the whole package, sure it would have resulted in the thief being frustrated (as I was), but I am not sure how that would have helped you or me. Even if this was being stocked in a store, and someone wanted the contents of the CD without having to pay, there are far easier ways to do that which do not even require you to leave your house.

So again, thanks for a great album. The songs are solid from the start to the end (especially that last song). But next time could you give me the chance to buy the album in a way that I can open it without almost stabbing myself?


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