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FAQ -- Desktop Running Back

Expanded help and Frequently Asked Questions for Ebscer's Desktop Running Back...

What is the error about needing a .net framework?
Some XP users will need this, download it from Microsoft here.

How do I control the Running Back?
Use the arrow keys.

I tried the arrow keys, why is it still not working?
You have probably worked on something else. Click on the Running Back to re-activate the keyboard.

I just got tackled, now what?
Press space or Enter to start the next play.

No matter how hard I run into the line I can't manage to break any tackles...
Nope, and that's not going to change. The Defence are very good tacklers, I would suggest running around them.

How do I run around the Defence, they seem to take up the whole screen...
I would suggest draw plays. Start your turn going lateral instead of charging straight into the line. Patience is critical to success in this game.

Why can't I get the Running Back to run backwards?
The running back only goes left, right, and forwards. That's it.

Why are you too lazy to program the Running Back to go backwards?
It was actually more work to prevent the Running Back from also going backwards.

So, I'm still not sure why I can't go backwards...
It's against the rules. Live with it.

How do I throw a pass?
You don't. It's not a running back game for nothing.

Hasn't Tomlinson thrown for like 10 TD passes?
Yes he has, but that wasn't in a video game now was it? You don't even have any Wide Receivers to pass the ball to.

Yea, where are all my Wide Receivers, and Offensive Linemen, and the rest of my team?
I'm not sure, but it doesn't appear likely that they will show up to help you anytime soon. Looks as if it's all up to you.

Wait, Why am I suddenly running for the other team?
You turned the ball over and it's the other team's turn. Ideally you'll have a friend take over and play for the other side.

What if I don't have any friends?
That's ok too. Just play for both sides, trying to pull off the long run is still just as fun...

Can I kick the ball? Punts?
No, only noobs punt.

This is too easy, How do I get more of a challenge?
Go to Options on the score board and adjust the Difficulty.

How do I control the Defence?
You don't, the computer takes care of that for you.

Why do all the defencemen look like they are Running Backs carrying the football? Did someone just fumble five footballs onto the field?
I'm not an artist. At least it's better then a bunch of little red dashes.

If I can draw some better graphics for you would this be fixable?
Yes it would. Hopefully I'll be able to get some better graphics from somewhere (maybe you!) for Version 2.0 of the game.

There is going to be a version 2?
Yes there is. Hopefully featuring better graphics, save/load options, and more difficulty settings, as well as a few other things.

Where can I get version 2?
Look for it hear on this blog. Expect it around late January.

Any chance that version 2 will feature full NFL rosters, realistic physics, a full 3-D environment, and the ability to draft new players?
No, go buy yourself a copy of Madden 08.

Do I have to pay money in order to play Desktop Running Back?
No, but if you want to send me money anyhow that would be cool...

Is it too cheap to give someone this game as a Christmas present?
Yes, it's a free game so it would be. Feel free to tell people about the game though...

I want to tell all my friends about this game, but I am to embarrassed to actually talk to people...
That's ok! I've set up a facebook group just for you.

My computer is telling me the game might be a virus, what do I do?
This program is safe. Some scanners may question it because it is an executable, but downloading and running this program will not harm your computer.

Why can't I play this game on my mac?
Because the game uses Microsoft's .NET framework. Do yourself a favour and go buy yourself a copy of XP.

How about Linux?
Check out something called mono, supposedly that should work. However, I can't say that I've actually tried it.

How was this game created?
I wrote this game myself in C#

What was the inspiration for Desktop Running Back?
The game was inspired by Mattel's Classic Handheld Football game.

Didn't Mattel make a sequel that included the ability to run backwards, throw, and other cool stuff?
Yes they did. Although more realistic, the game wasn't as fun and actually gave you less options each play. No time will be wasted trying to recreate that version of the game...

Is there an option to run the game on multiple monitors?
No, Mike, there is not.

I still have a question?
Ask in the comments, I'll answer it as soon as possible.

What if I have a bug to report or a feature request for version 2?
As long as you arn't asking for the ability to throw the ball, leave a note in the comments.

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Anonymous kowv said...

A few issues with the Running Back game v1.0. But I like it! The main problem is that after I score a Touchdown and play is resumed, the players now appear on white rectangles instead of on transparency, and a good deal of the excitement is lost. I'd have to restart the program to clear that problem. I have .NET Framework under WXP. The second bug I wish to report is that if I click on Options and then on About and then on the link to your website, the process hangs there, unresponding. I have to force it to end (after which the OS offers to send an error report to Microsoft).

December 21, 2007 10:07 AM  
Blogger Ebscer said...

I'll look into this... For the transparency problem, I think I know how that can be fixed, but saw no problems of that type on my own machine, which is also running XP.

January 08, 2008 9:28 AM  
Blogger Ebscer said...

A new version of this game is being worked on which should remove some of the problems.

March 13, 2008 5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Decent game, I liked it. It used to be installed on one of my PCs and it worked great. Recently, I've tried installing it on 2 computers running WXP, and on each computer the installer (or is that the actual program) balks with a fatal message, "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application". Any idea why that is, mate?? I returned to and re-downloaded the .exe file, but still the same snag. It's the correct file alright! Leave feedback about this issue here and I'll check back.

August 20, 2009 9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo it was just that silly Y2K thing, uh long story, never mind, it's working fine now.

August 21, 2009 6:38 PM  

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