Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uneven Brackets

The United States beat England in the first knock out round of the Women's world cup today. But England should not have lost out so early nor should the US have had to play such a difficult opponent. With the US and England playing in the first round with the winner taking on the champion of Australia and Brazil, it almost guarantees a weaker team to make it to the final. The US, England and Brazil are all easily the top three teams in the tournament. For all of these teams to be on the same side of the bracket is incredibly unfair. England deserved better than a first round knockout, but having to play the US, that what happened. Now the US and Brazil will have to play each other just to make it to the final, where they will receive no compitionn at all. And poor Australia, even if it can beat Brazil, would have to play against the US next, while being just a good as the team that will likely make the final in the opposite bracket. Hopefully they can learn how to seed things better next time around...


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