Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blue and Gold

The Buffalo Sabres have announced that they are "returning to the blue and gold" which on it's own would be ok. I'm actually more of a fan of the newer red and black jerseys, but I don't wouldn't really mind if they returned to the old jerseys. In fact I would prefer that they rotate between their normal jerseys, the old jerseys and even the red jerseys. Unfortunately they will do none of the above. They have said that they are "returning" to the blue and gold, but despite that navy blue isn't black, it isn't really blue either. The proposed new jerseys have and ugly clashing navy blue and yellow, and that isn't even the worse of it. The new logo is some sort of futuristic stramlined half wantabe buffalo thingy. So everyone go write Gollisano a letter and let him know how ugly these are... otherwise we might be stuck with this logo for a few years... (also note the need to resign McKee in that letter...)


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